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Finding Storage:

For most people, finding storage is a matter of locating the intersection of convenience, security, quality, and price. This isn't such a simple equation. That's why we created our simple quote system, where you can find self storage prices quickly and easily. We've got a great selection of storage units of various sizes in several convenient locations.

When looking for storage units, it's best to begin by considering what items you need to store. Are your goods sturdy, or delicate? Large or small? Would they benefit from a climate controlled storage space? There are so many self storage options available through A-American.

Once you know what's going into storage, we can help you find the best choice for you. By taking into account such factors as where you'd like your storage units to be located, we can narrow down the options until we find the one that works best. All our self storage facilities have convenient gate times and locales. We just want to find you the best of the best.

If you'd like, we can arrange for you to come tour our storage facilities. This allows you to see for yourself how well kept and easily accessible out storage units are. With 30 years of experience in the self storage industry, there's no problem, large or small, we haven't encountered. You can benefit directly from our experience.

Whether you need a long-term solution to a storage problem, or a temporary home away from home for your belongings, A-American can help. Our aim is simple: to provide the best storage units at the best price with the best service. We set up this website to make sure you're aware of the great self storage options we offer in your area.

A-American is a storage company that takes our commitment to integrity and honesty seriously. We believe that, as vendors of a vital service, we're here to help. Even if you're not sure what size or type of storage unit you'll need, we're happy to assist. When you receive a self storage quote through our online system, you can trust us to honor it.

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Why Choose A-American Self Storage?

As one of the largest and most solidly established storage facilities in the area, A-American has the experience to deliver. With self storage facilities in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, and Nevada, we are looked upon as industry leaders. Yet A-American remains a family company with strong roots in the communities it serves. This combination gives us a vital advantage in the world of storage units.

Ever since our founder, Edmund C. Olson, opened the doors of our first storage facility, we've enjoyed welcoming new friends and neighbors. We take tremendous pride in our place in entrepreneurial history, as one of the first self storage companies. But we're not content to stand on our laurels. We offer the best, most innovative storage units on the market.

Our place in self storage history doesn't make us stodgy and old fashioned. You'll find our storage facilities are modern and well kept, with state of the art security. We offer the best storage units for the best price. And we do it at your convenience.

With so many different storage units available through A-American, there's no need to go anywhere else. Whether you're storing a few boxes or a house full of furniture, we've got the right storage option for you. After 35 years in the business, we know what's important to you. Let us take the stress out of your storage move.

When you decide to move into one or more storage units at an A-American facility, we can arrange for free use of our moving truck. Yes, that's right, a FREE truck, including driver and insurance, is available. Our well-designed storage facilities make moving easy. In fact, you can expect that, once you're on the property, your self storage move-in will most likely take no more than 10 minutes.

Our flexible payment options make it simple to manage the financial end of your self storage. Our gate times are convenient and can, at times, be modified upon your special request. We keep all our storage units safe and sound with the latest in security and surveillance innovations. Come visit us, and we're sure you'll see why A-American should be your storage company.

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When entrepreneur Edmund C. Olson started A-American Storage, his vision of Colton Storage was ahead of its time. Today his son, Craig, upholds that kind of forward thinking, exploring the newest Colton Self Storage technology while remaining true to the company's roots. This kind of approach gives customers the best of both worlds: modern convenience with traditional value and service. A-American works hard to meet your needs.

With its meticulously maintained Colton Storage facilities, A-American instills the confidence that comes from order and organization. An emphasis on customer satisfaction keeps the company's ratings in that area very high. For the past thirty years, A-American has been a leader in customer ratings. When you rent Colton Storage from A-American, you'll find that your priorities are the company's priorities: convenience and security head the list.

Use A-American's free truck, complete with driver and insurance, when you move in to your Colton Storage unit. When we say free, we truly mean it: there are no hidden rental costs. This service is available free of charge to let customers know they are valued guests. The need for storage space frequently signals a time of change; A-American wants to take the pain and stress out of this often emotionally charged time. It's Colton Storage with a heart.

Large or small, many boxes or a single large item: whatever your needs, A-American Storage can meet them. Some items are, of course, off limits for safety or regulatory reasons, but, barring those, we can handle all your Colton Storage needs. There's no lengthy time commitment involved: the minimum storage contract is only one month. But if you need a long-terms home for your belongings, your Colton Storage unit is available to you, and is easily accessible.

In only ten minutes, we can have you situated in your new Colton Storage unit. It's helpful to choose an off time to move in, if it's possible: that makes things even quicker. Simply show your photo ID to the management at any of our Colton Storage facilities, and you'll be ready to move in. It's best to make a reservation to be sure we can accommodate you at the facility of your choice. You can make the booking easily and conveniently, and with no obligation on our website.

Also on the website, you'll find Colton Storage guides, with charts showing commonly stored items. This way, you'll be able to figure out how much space you're likely to need. If you need packing and moving supplies, we have those available for purchase in the onsite offices of your Colton Storage facility. Whatever you need, we'll be there.

A-American Storage is not just another Colton Storage company. It's a tried-and-true leader in the industry, ready to assist you with all your storage needs. This family-run business offers some of the best Colton Storage deals you'll find anywhere, not to mention the best service. Try A-American: you'll be glad you did.


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