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Boat Storage in Lancaster, CA

The best way to choose a self storage facility is to look for one near your area, so you can visit your possessions any time you need, even if you have to adhere to the facility’s gate hours. At A-American Self Storage in Lancaster, CA - we know that your storage needs are not always simple, which is why we offer a variety of boat storage spaces that are close to your favorite lakes and recreational spots. If you are looking for extra room, this is a great option for that boat that is not always used.

Your boat may look sturdy and durable, but it still needs to be handled with care. Before leaving it in a boat storage unit in Lancaster, California, you may want to take a few precautions like the ones below. This will allow you to make the most of the summer months out on the water!

Clean the exterior. Thoroughly cleaning your boat will prevent any possible damages to the paint, which could lead to rust and corrosion. It’s always a good idea to inspect the sides as well as any spots where cracks may appear, because the water could seep through them.

Put your boat out of the water. Storing your boat in one of our parking spaces will go a long way in extending its life. In addition to being the typical choice for long-term boat storage, this solution is a much better alternative to leaving the vehicle at a marina during the off-season. Remember, the biggest enemy of your boat in winter is water.

Check the tires. Just as you would perform a safety check on your car tires from time to time, so should you right before putting your boat trailer into storage. Checking the air pressure and adjusting all tires to the recommended levels will help you avoid flat spots.

These steps are all part of the winterization process for your boat. Whether you would like to learn a bit more about winterizing your vehicle or want to make sure our parking spaces can fit your watercraft before reserving a spot, don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.

You can find our property near the Palmdale Regional Airport, just minutes from Desert View Highlands and Palmdale. Feel free to contact us or visit the office during business hours. Our professional team will make sure your boat storage problems are conveniently solved!

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