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RV Storage in Bakersfield, CA

If there is one thing in common that RV owners have is that they love travelling and enjoying the landscapes of this beautiful country. But unless you live in your home away from home permanently, there will be times when you need to keep your vehicle in a self storage facility for greater security.

Whether you can’t afford to go camping all year round or can’t keep your fifth wheel RV in the driveway because it takes up too much space, you can use one of our uncovered storage spaces. Open parking offers reasonable rates and allows you to keep your RV fully secure during the off-season. In addition to making sure your things are safe with perimeter fencing and gate entry, our reliable on-site manager is here to keep an eye on everything that happens when you are not here.

So how do you choose a storage facility for your RV? Well, you can start by looking for a place near your area, so you can visit your vehicle any day of the week. With such a convenient storage location in Bakersfield, near Mariscos Las Cazuelitas and Rexland Acres Park, you will be able to drive out here in a matter of minutes every time you want to see if everything is in order or retrieve your RV for your next adventure.

When picking an RV storage unit, you may also want to check if the lot has enough clearance. Fortunately, our property has large drive aisles, allowing RV owners to store their vehicle without worrying about damaging their investments on move-in day.

You will also need to plan your stay with us according to how much time you think you will be needing RV storage. As luck would have it, once again, you won’t have to worry about any of that because we provide easy short-term rentals to all new (and existing) customers.

If you would like to go on a tour of our storage facility so that you see where you can store your recreational vehicle, give us a call or come by during business hours. Our friendly team will welcome you with a smile and a wealth of knowledge, giving you guidance about the RV storage units and showing you around!

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