Extra Protection for Sensitive Belongings
Temperature-Controlled Units at A-American Self Storage

If you need extra protection for your valuables, our temperature-controlled self storage units may be just the solution you’re looking for. Musical instruments, precious photo albums, wooden and leather antiques, and vinyl record collections can be damaged by heat or humidity, but temperature-controlled storage can help. Talk to our team about your storage needs to find out if temperature-controlled storage is right for your stuff.

How Temperature-Controlled Storage
In Dacono Can Help

Are you planning on storing sensitive electronics, collectibles, art, or antiques. Many of these items can be damages by fluctuations in temperature or humidity, even in warm climates like ours. Temperature-controlled self storage at A-American Self Storage helps by regulating the environment within your unit. This advanced temperature and humidity system keeps levels within a set range, helping keep your belongings in the same shape as they arrived in.

Wrapped furniture and moving boxes near A-American Self Storage in Dacono, Colorado
Woman reaching into box inside a climate-controlled unit at A-American Self Storage in Dacono, Colorado

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